Meplat Trimmer

Hoover Meplat Trimmer

Hoover Meplat Trimmer

Use the Hoover Meplat Trimmer to uniform the ogive length and frontal area of the bullet’s meplat (tip of the bullet) to achieve more consistent Ballistic Coefficient (BC).


  • 303 stainless body will not flex like plastic
  • Proprietary radiused bullet stop will not damage the bullet
  • Easy adjusting crank handle design
  • High speed steel cutter
  • The bullet is supported by the OD and the ogive for a straight square cut
  • The most accurate trimmer on the market
  • The bullet is referenced off the ogive of the bullet (not the base)
  • Bullets can be sorted before or after meplat trimming
  • Available for .22/6mm/6.5mm/7mm/.308/.338
Meplat Trimmer - Before and After - 338
.338 Bullet Before and After Meplat Trimming

Why Should I Meplat Trim?

  • Smaller group sizes
  • More consistent velocities
  • Lower extreme spread

The Hoover Meplat Trimmer is the best tool on market for trimming meplats. It features a proprietary radiused bullet stop that will not damage the bullet and provides extreme repeatability. The Bullet is held by its OD and is stopped on the ogive by the radiused bullet stop for a square repeatable cut.

When uniforming bullets, you need the three major parts of the bullet to be the same: The boat tail or base of the bullet, the bearing surface length and the ogive.

When meplat trimming, you want to uniform the ogive length only. You can’t use the base of the bullet to reference from or you will not have uniform ogive lengths because of differences in bearing surface length. Even if you sort your bearing surface lengths to within .002” before trimming, a .002” difference in ogive length on a .308 6.8 caliber ogive with a meplat diameter of .070” will have a 5.5% difference in the meplat’s frontal area. So it is a must to reference off the ogive of the bullet for consistent meplat diameters.

Plastic body meplat trimmers that do reference off the ogive suffer from body flex that allows the bullet to be “shoved” in by the pressure being applied. This gives you inconsistent ogive lengths and meplat diameters.

After trimming your meplats with the Hoover Meplat Trimmer, you can sort your bullets by overall length because the ogive of the bullet is consistent with the rest of the bullets. The only difference will be in the bearing surface length. This process has been thoroughly tested and works flawlessly.

Component Part Numbers and Pricing

Our Meplat Trimmer is custom made for each caliber. The pricing for a Complete Meplat Trimmer is listed below.

If you will be trimming multiple calibers, you may also purchase additional Meplat Trimmer Bodies.  Each Meplat Trimmer Body can be used with the base and handle from your Complete Meplat Trimmer.

See the following chart for Meplat Trimmer Pricing and part numbers.

ComponentPart #DescriptionPrice
Hoover Meplat TrimmerMT224Complete Meplat Trimmer .224 Cal$150
MT243Complete Meplat Trimmer .243/6mm Cal$150
MT264Complete Meplat Trimmer .264/6.5mm Cal$150
MT284 Complete Meplat Trimmer .284/7mm Cal$150
MT308Complete Meplat Trimmer .308 Cal$150
MT338Complete Meplat Trimmer .338 Cal$150
Hoover Meplat Trimmer - BodyMT224BMeplat Trimmer Body .224 Cal$90
MT243BMeplat Trimmer Body .243/6mm Cal$90
MT264BMeplat Trimmer Body .264/6.5mm Cal$90
MT284BMeplat Trimmer Body .284/7mm Cal$90
MT308BMeplat Trimmer Body.308 Cal$90
MT338BMeplat Trimmer Body .338 Cal$90
Hoover Meplat Trimmer - HandleHANDLE1Meplat Trimmer Handle$40
Hoover Meplat Trimmer Power AdapterPADPT1Meplat Trimmer Power Adapter$45
Custom Carbide CutterMTCUT1Custom Carbide Cutter$70

How to Order

Orders can be placed via phone, email, or mail. Click below for ordering instructions.