Precision Primer Gauge

Accuracy One Precision Primer Gauge

Accuracy One Precision Primer Gauge

The Accuracy One Precision Primer Gauge is a tool set designed to take precision measurements of primer pocket depth and the depth of seated primers in relationship to the face of the case head.

It can also be used to measure the thickness of an unseated primer, allowing you to calculate the optimum seating depth for the particular primers and cases you are loading.

Precision Primer Gauge - Boxed


  • Digital Indicator with 0.01mm/0.0005″ resolution
    • The contact point of the indicator must be removed to provide proper function.
  • Gauge Body is machined from 303 stainless steel
  • Small primer stem
  • Large primer stem
  • .223 and .308 zeroing block
  • Magnum and .338 Lapua zeroing block
    • The standard gauge body is not compatible with cartridges that share the .338 Lapua case head diameter unless the diameter of the magnum step is machined to .595” to accept the larger diameter case head. This modification of the gauge body is available upon request.
  • Nylon screw for securing the gauge body to the indicator
  • Compatible with 300 Win. Mag case head diameter (.532”) cartridges, .308 Win. case head diameter (.473”) cartridges, and .223 Rem. case head diameter (.378”) cartridges using either large or small primers.
Precision Primer Gauge and Seating Depth Comparator in Gauge Stand
The Precision Primer Gauge (Left) and Seating Depth Comparator (Right) shown in the Accuracy One Gauge Stand

Gauge Stand

The Accuracy One Gauge Stand is an optional add-on that is designed to accommodate both the Accuracy One Precision Primer Gauge and the Seating Depth Comparator. The stand is adjustable to any angle and allows for fast, convenient, one handed operation of the Precision Primer Gauge or Seating Depth Comparator.


  • PPG Without Indicator: $150.00
  • PPG With Indicator: $210.00
  • PPG Main Body Only: $55.00
  • Gauge Stand: $55.00

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