Neck Wall Uniformity Adapter

Neck Wall Uniformity Adapter

Neck Wall Uniformity Adapter

The Neck Wall Uniformity Adapter is an optional add-on to the Accuracy One Concentricity Gauge that makes checking case neck wall thickness uniformity fast and easy.

Neck Wall Uniformity Adapter Parts List


  • Remove the right side roller block from the Concentricity Gauge and set it aside.
  • Insert the mandrel that corresponds to the caliber of the cartridge you wish to check into the adapter and tighten the thumb screw.
  • Place the adapter in the channel of the Concentricity Gauge base, so that it is about one inch to the right of the drive wheel, as shown in the drawing.
  • Center the indicator tip on the mandrel as shown in the drawing and lower the indicator until the tip is touching the mandrel.
  • Zero the indicator.
  • With the drive wheel raised, slide a case onto the mandrel, under the indicator tip.
  • Slide the left roller block, with stop pin, into position.
  • With the base of the case resting on the roller block and contacting the stop pin, note the location of the indicator tip.
  • The position of the roller block may be adjusted until the indicator tip is at the desired neck location.
  • Check to make sure that the case is horizontal.  If it is not, the height of the mandrel should be adjusted.
  • The mandrel height is adjusted by loosening the thumb screw and sliding the mandrel block up, or down on the pins as needed.  Tighten the thumb screw after adjustment.
  • Remove the case without changing the placement of the adapter or roller block to check that the indicator tip is still centered on the mandrel.
  • Replace the case.
Neck Wall Uniformity Adapter Instructions
  • Lowering the drive wheel and turning the knob, will rotate the case around the mandrel.  Neck wall runout will be displayed on the indicator.
  • It is important to note that to obtain the best results, case mouths must not be deformed.  We also recommend cleaning the inside of the neck of previously fired brass with a nylon bore brush before measuring neck wall thickness uniformity.


  • Neck Wall Uniformity Adapter: $70.00
  • Mandrel .224 Cal: $20.00
  • Mandrel .243/6mm Cal: $20.00
  • Mandrel .264/6.5mm Cal: $20.00
  • Mandrel .284/7mm Cal: $20.00
  • Mandrel .308 Cal: $20.00
  • Mandrel .338 Cal: $20.00

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