Concentricity Gauge Instructions

Accuracy One Concentricity Gauge

Accuracy One Concentricity Gauge Instructions

Measuring the runout of ammunition and ammunition components with the Accuracy One Concentricity Gauge is a simple. The following steps walk you through the process.


  1. Install the component into the high-precision roller bearing v-blocks.
  2. Adjust in the machine slots so the drive wheel is in the center of the component.
  3. Lower the drive wheel until contact is made with the component.
  4. Slide the indicator stand into position and adjust the indicator until it’s contact point touches the component (by .005″).
  5. Turn the directional drive wheel in the direction that pushes the component against the cartridge stop.
  6. Measure the concentricity of your component.
  7. Change components and repeat.

More Info: Concentricity Gauge Instructional Video