Bullet Tipping Die

Bullet Tipping Die

Bullet Tipping Die

The Bullet Tipping Die is designed to improve ballistic coefficient, accuracy and consistency. Use with a wide variety of bullet types and calibers.


  • 303 stainless steel construction
  • Fine .0005” adjustment increments
  • Caliber sleeve and tipping punch are hand fit for very close tolerance
  • Knurled adjuster stem
  • Oversize stem lock
  • Caliber sleeves available for .22/6mm/6.5mm/7mm/.308/.338
  • Tipping punches available for different bullet profiles.
  • Positive stop bullet pusher bottoms on Bullet Tipping Die body
    • The same die adjustments will work in any press regardless of make or condition.
  • Tipping punch shapes are developed in CAD.
  • Tipping punch height adjustments allow for full bullet support prior to the tipping process.
  • Floating caliber sleeve compensates for any misalignment in the reloading press.
  • All critical parts are machined on high tolerance Swiss CNC machines.


The Bullet Tipping Die is made up of three components, the Tipping Die Body, Caliber Sleeve, and Tipping Punch. These components vary based on the caliber/bullet you will be tipping.

To order a complete Bullet Tipping Die, select the three components that are needed for your bullet tipping needs.

  1. Tipping Die Body – Same for all calibers/bullets.
  2. Caliber Sleeve – Specific to the calibers you will be tipping.
  3. Tipping Punch – Specific to the bullets you will be tipping.

Component Part Numbers and Pricing

The following chart shows the pricing for each component.  To determine which tipping punch is needed, see our Tipping Punch Guide.

ComponentPart #DescriptionPrice
 Bullet Tipping Die BodyDB1Tipping Die Body$175
 Caliber SleeveCS224Caliber Sleeve .224 Cal$60
CS243Caliber Sleeve .243/6mm Cal$60
CS264Caliber Sleeve .264/6.5mm Cal$60
CS284Caliber Sleeve .284/7mm Cal$60
CS308Caliber Sleeve .308 Cal$60
CS338Caliber Sleeve .338 Cal$60
 Tipping PunchTP-XXXTipping Punch$65

Replace “XXX” with Tipping Punch number (example: TP-B4).

See the Tipping Punch Guide

How to Order

Orders can be placed via phone, email, or mail. Click below for ordering instructions.