Bullet Tipping Die Instructions & Parts List

Bullet Tipping Die Setup

Bullet Tipping Die Instructions

The following includes Bullet Tipping Die instructions, as well as the Bullet Tipping Die parts list.

  1. Thread the Tipping Die into the press and tighten the lock ring so the adjusting numbers are facing you.
  2. Unscrew the die adjuster body from the threaded sleeve then install the correct caliber sleeve and Tipping Punch. Adjust the tipping punch for the bullet length by moving the e-clip to the correct slot. (See tipping punch setup)
  3. Install the bullet pusher into the press ram in the shell holder location.
  4. Install the bullet onto the bullet pusher and raise the press ram until the bullet makes very light contact with the tipping punch. Now back off the adjuster until the bullet pusher makes contact with the bottom of the threaded sleeve with very light pressure. (The bullet pusher is designed to bottom on the threaded sleeve when tipping bullets, so it will always have the same adjustment no matter what press you install it in.)
  5. Now screw the adjuster head down in small increments (.002-.010”) raising the press ram and bullet into the Tipping Die until the bullet pusher firmly bottoms on threaded sleeve in between adjustments. Repeat this procedure until the desired tip shape is achieved. (When the die is adjusted too much, a slight bulge will appear below the reformed tip.)
  6. Once the Tipping Die is adjusted to the bullet make sure to bottom the bullet pusher firmly against threaded sleeve with each cycle of the press ram.
  7. Document overall length of the adjusting head with a dial caliper and the bullet type for future reference. You can use the micrometer numbers if the course adjustment is never changed.


For the best results, all bullets should be meplat trimmed and sorted by bearing surface length before tipping. It is not uncommon to see 3 – 4 different bearing surface length bullets in the same lot, with a few that can’t even be used.

Another benefit to meplat trimming bullets prior to tipping is that they will start straighter in the tipping punch than bullets that have not been meplat trimmed. This is because the bullet tips are more uniform and straight.

Bullet Tipping Die Parts List

Bullet Tipping Die Parts List

  1. Bullet Pusher
  2. Threaded Sleeve
  3. Lock Ring
  4. Caliber Sleeve
  5. Spiral Lock Ring
  6. Tip Punch
  7. E-Clip
  8. Spring
  9. Adjuster Body
  10. O-Ring
  11. Adjuster Head
  12. Stem Lock
  13. Adjusting Stem