New Bullets Added to Bullet Tipping Punch Guide

We have updated our Bullet Tipping Punch Guide to include the following bullets and calibers from multiple manufacturers.

.224 64 Berger FB #22316 B-5
.224 95 Sierra MK #1396 B-22
.243-6mm 104 BIB B-4
.243-6mm 105  Bart Custom B-19
.243-6mm 105 Bart B-4
.243-6mm 105 Eazor B-17
.243-6mm 105 Nosler RDF B-12
.243-6mm 106 Eazor E.P.S. B-17
.243-6mm 107 Sierra MK(new factory pointed) B-17
.264-6.5mm 136 Eazor E.P.S. B-16
.264-6.5mm 152 Matrix VLD B-20
.284-7mm 180 Berger Hybrid #28407 B-17
.284-7mm 180 Sierra MK #1980 B-2
.284-7mm 184 Berger Hybrid #28408 B-22
.308 210 Eazor 210-215 B-4
.308 220 Scenar L #GB551 B-14


Accuracy One Precision Primer Gauge

Precision Primer Gauge

CTK Precision & Accuracy One Announce Precision Primer Gauge

Clintonville, WI – May 2018 – CTK Precision and Accuracy One have joined forces once again with the introduction of their newest precision reloading tool, the Precision Primer Gauge.

The Accuracy One Precision Primer Gauge is a tool set designed to make precision measurements of primer pocket depth and the depth of seated primers in relationship to the face of the case head. It can also be used to measure the thickness of an unseated primer, allowing you to calculate the optimum seating depth for the particular primers and cases you are loading.

Precision Primer Gauge Features:

  • Digital Indicator with 0.01mm/0.0005″ resolution
  • Gauge Body is machined from 303 stainless steel
  • Small primer stem
  • Large primer stem
  • .223 and .308 zeroing block
  • Magnum and .338 Lapua zeroing block
  • Nylon screw for securing the gauge body to the indicator
  • Compatible with 300 Win. Mag case head diameter (.532”) cartridges, .308 Win. case head diameter (.473”) cartridges, and .223 Rem. case head diameter (.378”) cartridges using either large or small primers.

Learn more at:

About CTK Precision

CTK Precision is a U.S. based manufacturer of shooting equipment and gun accessories. Their products are designed to maximize firearm efficiency, giving shooters more accuracy and range time.  See the full lineup of CTK Precision products at You can also follow CTK Precision on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

About Accuracy One:

Accuracy One Shooting Supplies opened its doors in 1996. It is owned and operated by John and Dianne Hoover. The Hoover’s are long range shooters and strive to offer the best components to build accurate rifles and the best tools for reloading for the optimum results. Accuracy One sells the components needed to build 1,000 yard rifles and the reloading equipment necessary to achieve the best shooting results. For more information, visit


Bart’s Bullets Added to Tipping Punch Guide (Bart’s 68 Boat Tail .243-6mm, Bart’s Ultra 68 FB .243-6mm Caliber, Bart’s 68 Boat Tail – .243-6mm)

We have updated our Tipping Punch Guide to reflect new bullets from Bart’s  Custom Bullets.

New Bart’s Bullets include:

  • Bart’s Ultra 52 FB – .224 Caliber, 52gr
  • Bart’s Ultra 68 FB – .243-6mm Caliber, 68gr
  • Bart’s 68 Boat Tail – .243-6mm Caliber, 68gr

For more information, visit the Tipping Punch Guide.


Berger Bullets Added to Tipping Punch Guide (Berger FB Varmint .224, Berger VLD .243-6mm, Berger VLD .277)

We have updated our Tipping Punch Guide to reflect several new bullets from Burger Bullets.

New Berger Bullets include:

  • Berger FB Varmint #22309 – .224 Caliber, 52gr
  • Berger FB Varmint #22311 – .224 Caliber, 55gr
  • Berger VLD #24524 – .243-6mm Caliber, 87gr
  • Berger VLD #27501 – .277 Caliber, 130gr

For more information, visit the Tipping Punch Guide.