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New Bullets Added to Bullet Tipping Punch Guide

Bullet Tipping

We have updated our Bullet Tipping Punch Guide to include the following bullets and calibers from multiple manufacturers. CALIBER GR TYPE TIPPING PUNCH .224 64 Berger FB #22316 B-5 .224 95 Sierra MK #1396 B-22 .243-6mm 104 BIB B-4 .243-6mm 105 ¬†Bart Custom B-19 .243-6mm 105 Bart B-4 .243-6mm 105 Eazor B-17 .243-6mm 105 Nosler …

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Berger Bullets Added to Tipping Punch Guide (Berger FB Varmint .224, Berger VLD .243-6mm, Berger VLD .277)

Bullet Tipping Die

We have updated our Tipping Punch Guide to reflect several new bullets from Burger Bullets. New Berger Bullets include: Berger FB Varmint #22309 – .224 Caliber, 52gr Berger FB Varmint #22311 – .224 Caliber, 55gr Berger VLD #24524 – .243-6mm Caliber, 87gr Berger VLD #27501 – .277 Caliber, 130gr For more information, visit the Tipping …

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